Why Recology

Why Recology Asset Disposition Needs?

Recology Recycling India Pvt Ltd is about guiding innovation forward and our services create solutions that deliver ahead of market needs. Here are some reasons why Recology Recycling’s Value Recovery group has become a leader in the industry.

Data Security & Risk Mitigation

From secure transportation to complete data erasure, asset destruction and our best-of-class compliance program, Recology Recycling ensures that data is never exposed, assets are disposed of properly, and your organization is protected from risk.

Brand Protection

Your organization’s reputation is something to be protected. Recology Recycling understands the importance of your brand and takes every measure to ensure that disposition and remarketing of your assets are handled with the utmost care.

Environmental Stewardship

Recology Recycling’s Compliance Program defines a universal approach to environmental compliance on a global scale, while meeting or exceeding the requirements of any single, existing industry standard. Standardisation in usage of tools, processes, tracking systems and leadership, maximize our ability to reuse technology, reduce waste, practice responsible recycling of non-reusable materials and protect workers in our processing facilities.


Recology Recycling’s solutions maximize value for our clients in many innovative ways. Our services increase efficiencies, provide data security and brand protection, offer a diverse range of reuse options, and maximize financial return when remarketing your retired assets.

Technology Reuse

Refurbished IT equipment has the potential to save natural resources, reduce energy consumption and aid communities around the world. Recology Recycling helps guide technology into the hands of new users every day while optimizing value recoveries for clients.


Recology understand the desire for organizations to manage fewer vendors. We can help navigate the requirements of user organizations, the demands of proper disposition, and the ever-changing certifications and regulatory requirements everywhere you operate. Our ONE STOP solutions are designed to simplify your approach and provide unified reporting across all your facilities, making it easier to focus on responsibilities critical to your success.

Social Responsibility

Recology Recycling makes it simple and secure to bridge the digital divide by purposing and distributing equipment to charitable organizations. Once a client notifies us of a pending donation, all assets are packaged, recorded and sent to the selected nonprofit organization on behalf of the company.

Auditable Processes

Ensure that every step of your recovery, data sanitization and reuse process is tracked and auditable. We provide comprehensive online reporting tools and metrics to help you track and measure the information your organization needs.

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